Beabadoobee Emanates ‘90s Nostalgia with “Fake It Flowers”


Photo courtesy/ Youtube Beabadoobee

Since learning the guitar at 17 years old, Filipino-British artist Bea Kristi, better known by her stage name Beabadoobee, has risen in popularity within the last three years. Her debut album, “Fake It Flowers” is not the first time she has appeared on the charts; her collaboration with Powfu on their hit single “death bed (coffee for your head),” became an instant hit on TikTok. Although the song’s fame on social media has garnered Beabadoobee millions of new listeners on Spotify and Youtube, this album signifies the beginning of a new era for both Kristi and the music of Gen Z.

Labeled “bedroom pop” at the start of her musical career, Beabadoobee has certainly broken out of the genre with her latest LP. However, she hasn’t forgotten her roots, paying homage to the sounds that granted her an entrance to the alternative scene with songs like “How Was Your Day?” and “Back To Mars.” The 41-minute album blooms with Kristi’s memorable guitar chords as each track transitions from a classic melodic sound to prominent grunge tones. The album is reminiscent of classic 90s alt-rock bands like Sonic Youth and Smashing Pumpkins, even though Kristi writes for a generation that may not be completely familiar with the music of that decade. Still, “Fake It Flowers” is nostalgic in the sense that it could easily be mistaken for the soundtrack to an early 2000s teen drama film –– a feeling that captures our generation’s youth in its prime.

From high school dropout to touring with alternative band The 1975, it would be an understatement to say that Kristi’s life has recently changed. The majority of her songs draw inspiration from her own pivotal experiences as a teenager prior to her rise to fame, heavily embracing the ethereal state of being young and in love. While the album does not stray from this theme often and the lyrics are repetitive at times, her talent is undeniably evident within each song. “Care,” one of many standout tracks on this album, puts Kristi’s passionate yet carefree personality on full display, while “Worth It” presents choruses to sing (or scream) along to after a breakup or in the midst of a long road trip. Kristi invites fans of indie rock to listen, along with anyone looking for music to be the soundtrack to their life.

Beabadoobee is the artist to watch as “Fake It Flowers” has proven itself to be an album representative of the ebbs and flows of a present day relationship. Despite the lackluster lyrical elements, Kristi’s musicality shines in her presentation of a take on the typical 90s alternative tune that is anything but cliché. For a first full-length album, the potential for the singer to achieve rock and roll stardom is almost inevitable.

“Fake It Flowers” was released on Oct. 16, 2020, and is out now on all streaming platforms.