It’s New York Baby and Harry Styles has Arrived

TORCH PHOTO/ Sara Kiernan

TORCH PHOTO/ Sara Kiernan

On Oct. 3, people lined up at 9 a.m. outside of Madison Square Garden to try and be one of the first 450 people to get a wristband and be first inside to see Harry Styles perform. At 5 p.m., everyone who is in the pit level gets in line behind the 450 people who have wristbands. As soon as every person with a wristband is admitted, the rest of the pit is able to enter the arena. Starting around 6 p.m., the rest of the arena fills their seats. In the end for people on the floor, if you got there early enough you could be right there against the railing – within mere feet of the man of the hour.


At around 8 p.m., opener Jenny Lewis came onto the stage in a sparkling silver jumpsuit. Lewis is not as well known as Styles but has been performing since the early 2000s in multiple bands as lead singer, guitarist and keyboardist. Her set lasted around half an hour, singing around six songs.


9 p.m. is when the lights went down, the screams of fans erupted and Styles jumped onto stage starting with his song Golden. Styles’ set lasted around an hour and a half, singing his top songs from his latest album, Fine Line. Along with putting on a show, Styles made it a personal experience for some fans, even singing happy birthday to one during the Oct. 3 show. Singing 11 songs, Styles told the crowd it would be the last song, give him two minutes, and then the actual last two songs will be performed in his encore. 


Styles is one of the first performers to go on tour again since the pandemic began back in March  2020. The Treat People with Kindness Tour was originally planned to start in Europe in April  2020. The U.S. leg was initially scheduled for the beginning of June 2020. When COVID-19 hit, however, everything was rescheduled, but not canceled, which meant that fans kept their tickets to use at another show when the tour was coming back. 


Styles will be playing at Madison Square Garden a total of five different times throughout his tour. He started there on Oct. 3 and 4, returned for a single show on Oct. 16, and will finish out New York on Oct. 30 and Halloween, which fans are calling Harryween. 


To be able to go to the concert, every fan must be wearing a mask the entire time and be vaccinated. The stage is set up in a way so that fans are very close but are still distanced enough from him. However, if fans are standing on the floor, people will be on top of you. 


Tickets for this tour start at around $500 and only go up from there. To be in the pit will cost between $1,500 to $2,000 per ticket according to the MSG ticket website. For every arena the price may change but this range of hundreds of dollars for tickets is consistent. 


With every concert comes a brand new outfit. This is one of the biggest things fans are looking forward to at every concert. Thanks to the help of social media, most fans who are not at the live concert quickly see what Styles outfit is for the night whether it be the black suit with feathered sleeves he wore at his first New York show to last Sundays show wearing a black blouse and high waisted khaki pants.