Rosalía Leaves Her Mark on Latin Pop with “Motomami+”

The Spanish artist released the deluxe version of her third studio album “Motomami”.

Photo Courtesy / YouTube Rosalia

Spanish Grammy award-winner Rosalía released the deluxe version of her third studio album “Motomami” on Sept. 8. “Motomami+” features seven new tracks including a live version of “La Fama” and “Despecha.”

“Motomami” is not just the name of this album; it is an energy and a way of living, Rosalía told Billboard. The album’s title was inspired by a friend of Rosalía’s who had an email address named “Motomami.”

She also has a close connection to motorcycles, and has been riding them since she was eight years old with her father, which is where she gets the “Moto” part of the name “Motomami.” She said in an interview with Billboard, that her mother is the “OG Motomami,” and being a “Motomami” is not just limited to one person — anyone can be a “Motomami” or “Motopapi.” 

The outstanding tracks of the deluxe album are “Candy (Remix)” featuring Chencho Corleone, “Chiri” and “Aislamiento.” The record is fluid, and all the tracks blend seamlessly into each other. “Aislamiento” is one standout of the deluxe tracks because of Rosalía’s breathtaking vocals. She gets to show off her incredible vocal range on the track. 

It is clear that Rosalía is influenced by reggaeton and other sounds that have originated in Latin America, as well as flamenco, which originated in Spain.  

This album is the artist’s way dealing with becoming a world-famous pop star. In 2019, she released “Con Altura” a reggaeton collaboration with J Balvin. The song helped her gain attention in the U.S. and pushed her further into the global spotlight. 

In the song “Aislamiento”, meaning isolation in English, Rosalía talks about being followed by the paparazzi, and how she feels ungrateful for not wholly enjoying the fame and riches. 

All of a sudden it flashes and my heart accelerates/Mercer with the Prince, we’re out on foot/TMZ on my back, we’ll leave them behind,” she sings in “Aislamiento.” If I shed a tear, God forgive me/For taking so many blessings for granted.”

Many themes found on “Motomami” are reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s album “The Fame Monster,” where she also talks about the problems with her newfound stardom. Overall, the album is a well-received look inside the world of pop stardom, led by songs like “Saoko,” “Sakura” and “Aislamiento.”