CURATED COLLECTIONS: Four Songs To Add to Your Spring Playlist

From Weezer to Niall Horan, let these picks set the vibe for the upcoming equinox.

Photo Courtesy / YouTube Weezer

Spring is the season that serves as a median between the two extremes of summer heat and winter chills. As such, identifying music that symbolizes this can be tricky. As the equinox approaches on March 20, here are some thematic offerings that capture the aesthetics experienced during the spring season.

“SZNZ: Spring” by Weezer

In  2022, Weezer embarked on an ambitious project: to drop an EP on the first day of every season in that year. While many consider “Spring”  the weakest of their four releases over the past 12 months, it is arguably the most reflective of the season it is named after. “SZNZ: Spring” draws on classical and natural imagery while carrying an acoustic sound, unlike most other Weezer projects. Regardless of your opinion on the band, few releases by any artist better reflect the spring season. Of the EP’s seven songs, “Opening Night,” the project’s first track, is the strongest.

“Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra

No other song fits the mood of appreciating beautiful weather quite like this 1977 hit. It ultimately centers on a gorgeous day following periods of dreary weather, which aligns with the thoughts of the spring season as we exit winter. Groot best captures the vibe of this song in the opening credits of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” and sometimes, that first sign of warmer weather and blossoming flowers puts us all in a similar mood.

“Pretty. Odd.” by Panic! at the Disco

Frontman Brendan Urie announced the discontinuation of Panic! At The Disco earlier this year, providing a bittersweet reason for fans to revisit the band’s early projects. Panic’s second studio album, “Pretty. Odd.” fits the bill of the upcoming season perfectly: it incorporates country folk into love tracks, surrounded by flowers and hippie imagery. This is apparent not only on the album’s cover art, but throughout the band’s shows during this era as well. “Northern Downpour” is a personal favorite from this project, but “Pretty. Odd.” offers plenty of different spring sounds to explore.

“Heaven” by Niall Horan

This song may only be a month old, but it is already a necessity on any spring playlist this year. Sure, Horan’s latest single may not draw on the same thematic elements as its predecessors above, but it carries a wholesome sound reminiscent of that spring optimism. The track’s opening seconds reflect this, transporting the listener to a happier, more hopeful place. Horan delivers these emotions with love at the forefront, something any listener can admire and want for themselves. The positive vibes here are infectious, and as the weather outside improves in the coming weeks, “let’s just enjoy the view.”