Ways To Keep Your Resolutions

As soon as the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, the time for making new resolutions arrives and many are filled with the hope and determination to make the new year better than the rest. However, as the days pass, sticking to that New Year’s to-do list becomes more challenging and less attractive to maintain. Here are some simple ways to help you achieve that New Year’s resolution not only this year, but also for years to come.

Step One: Be realistic. When setting a goal, it is extremely important to decide on an objective that is manageable. Try not to set the standard too high. (Losing 10 pounds in two months is more realistic than shedding 20 pounds in two weeks). By deciding on goals that are unrealistic, the probability of success can be weakened and a feeling of disappointment will slowly begin to emerge as the desired results come later rather than sooner. The best possible approach is to take baby steps in your goals and slowly raise the bar once victories become attainable.

Step Two: Write them down. It is always important to write down the tasks and goals that one is aspiring to achieve. By enumerating your goals on a sheet of paper, a person can stay organized and keep track of goals that have already been accomplished and those that still need to be completed. A list is also portable and changes can be made with ease. Try putting the most important and challenging goals at the top, so that when goals that seemed impossible are finally done, the focus and motivation can be put toward easier tasks. By checking off the hardest goals first, an individual’s self-confidence can increase.

Step Three: Make a plan. The key to fulfilling any goal is devising a time-sensitive plan. By referring to your written list of prospective achievements, a strategy for success can be made, depending on the task’s priority and level of difficulty. For example, if a goal for the new year is to save more money, than create a budget of how much money will be spent each week. Include little notes for each task, such as limiting the amount of time eating at restaurants and time spent shopping for new clothes. Mapping out a detail-specific plan for each goal can increase one’s chances of victory in no time.

Step Four: Discipline yourself. A wise person once said, “The height of your accomplishments will equal the depth of your convictions.” In order to achieve a resolution, a combination of faith and self-discipline is necessary. Do not eliminate all unnecessary temptations (such as eating chocolate cake or taking trips to the mall) from your life, but rather do them in moderation. Remember the reasons why you made your resolutions and believe that you can achieve them. You will be grateful you did not submit to unhealthy desires once you reap the benefits of success.

Step Five: Tell your friends. The best way to stay focused and accomplish your goals is by telling the important people of your life about your master plan. Supportive friends and family members can play the role of your conscience if it fails to keep you motivated. By enlisting their help, you might also discover that they have the same goals as you do. Favorable results are almost guaranteed when you know you are not trying to achieve your goals alone.

Step Six: Do not give up! (But if you do, it’s okay to try again). In order to achieve any goal in life, focus and commit to making it happen. This year may bring unexpected circumstances, but it does not mean that the certainty in achieving your goals should change too. Also, keep in mind that no one is perfect. It can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming to fulfill your aspirations, regardless of whether they are as small as doing house chores more often or as big as landing a dream job or internship, but nothing worth having comes easy. Even if success doesn’t come around the first time, keep trying and never give up. You still have a whole year ahead of you.