NBC’s newest law enforcement show is not worth the pursuit. Chaserevolves around a team of U.S. Marshalls located in Houston, Texas, whose job is to go after the worst criminal offenders that stumble into their area. The show consists of a simple formula of find, chase, catch and repeat for every criminal, leaving little room for unpredictability.

The show’s characters reflect people that television viewers have likely seen before. U.S. Marshall Annie Frost (Kelli Giddish) is absorbed in her job, with a “beat up first, take names later” attitude. She is constantly going one-on-one with criminal offenders who often have several inches and twice the bulk on her. However, there is little substance to her character besides hints of an unstable childhood marked by her mother’s early death and lack of a model father.

Another example is seen in recent academy graduate, Luke Watson (Jesse Metcalfe). His contributions to the team are few and far between. He appears on the show as a tagalong so that the older and more experienced members can show him the ropes.

Although the cast has potential to make for interesting personalities, the pilot opted to focus mainly on the action instead of character development. Not much is revealed about the dynamics of the team, except for a few one-liners and slight flirting exchanged between Marco Martinez (Amaury Nolasco) and Daisy Ogbaa (Rose Rollins). A few cheap shots are delivered from Frost to her partner, Jimmy Godfrey (Cole Hauser), but other than serving as a strong backup man, Godfrey’s purpose seems to be as eye candy.

To incorporate all of the action, the show is extremely fast paced. Several typical chase scenes are involved, where Frost jumps from a helicopter to detain the criminal and another where she leaps off of a bridge in pursuit of a suspect. It’s borderline unrealistic.

The only good aspect of the show was guest star Travis Fimmel, who played one of the top 15 most wanted criminals named Mason Boyle. Boyle uses his looks and charm to break into rich people’s houses and steal their jewels before executing them. Fortunately, Fimmel played a convincing criminal and was interesting to watch.

In short, Chaseis nothing special. The show is not intriguing enough to captivate audiences long-term. If the plot did not solely rely on the action, viewers wouldn’t find themselves lost in the pursuit at all.