Hawaii Five-0

CBS returns to the past with a revival of a beloved series from the ‘70’s. Hawaii Five-0 is a modern-day take on the hit TV show that has the potential to repeat the original show’s historic success.

The pilot episode starts off at a fast pace and instantly sets the tone of suspense and excitement. The cinematography is exceptional, particularly during the action sequences. Steve McGarrett (played by Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin) is faced with uncovering the story behind the murder of his father who was a well respected former cop for the Honolulu Police Department. During his last words, McGarrett’s father left him with a subtle lead on an important crime case that he must solve.

McGarrett is paired up with Danny “Danno” Williams (played by Scott Caan), a rookie in the Honolulu PD. The two predictably butt heads, having slightly stubborn personalities and conflicting ideas on how best to approach crime scenes and cases. However, they both manage to create comedic scenes amidst all the action.

Daniel Dae Kim of another cult hit series, Lost, was the first to be cast in Hawaii Five-0 as Chin Ho Kelly, an ex-cop who assists McGarrett and Williams. Completing their group is Kona “Kono” Kalakaua, who was cast as a male in the original series but is now a woman played by Grace Park. She is also Kelly’s cousin. Park’s character is the archetypal female who is immediately underestimated by the men but can then put them in their place with her sassy punches. However, Park manages to keep female viewers from rolling their eyes by overcoming the character’s stereotype with her fresh charisma. Together the four characters uncover an immigrant smuggling cartel and work to disband it while dealing with their own personal issues.

However similar the show first seems to its predecessor, it is clear that the producers are trying to put a creative spin on the show while trying to maintain the original’s integrity.  The changes, such as adding previously non-existent characters to enhance new plots instead of recycling the original’s and using up-to-date police equipment, help to accurately depict the current era.

The producers have other great actors cast in this remake such as Jean Smart as Governor Patricia “Pat” Jameson (another male role given to a female) and Masi Oka from the recently cancelled show Heroes.

It is clear that CBS has faith in the remake of its classic hit TV show and is hoping to repeat history. The show definitely has a lot to live up to, but both fans old and new will certainly enjoy the remake.