Trey Songz – Passion, Pain & Pleasure

Passion, Pain & Pleasure is the fourth studio endeavor from Virginia native Trey Songz.  The R&B compilation comes almost a year after his hit album Ready.

Songz tries to earn respect as an artist on this album by exploring

different aspects of love beyond the bedroom. He shows tremendous growth by polishing up his vocals to find a sound that uniquely works.  

The first theme presented in the album is pain. It begins with a soft

prelude that allows Songz to connect with his listeners by explaining his

emotions. The single “Can’t Be Friends,” is a beautifully written song about an unrequited love that can never return to what it once was, even in friendship.  This song is a huge step up for Songz, who rarely sings a ballad about heartbreak. “Please

Return My Call” and “Made to Be Together” also strongly demonstrate the pain theme, singing about love disconnected or lost. Both tracks reveal the singer’s emotional growth by

showing his more vulnerable side.

Pleasure is the second theme Songz introduces. The sensual interlude

prepares the listeners for Songz as he brings out his freaky side by

addressing the ladies. The song “Red Lipstick” is reminiscent of fellow R&B artist The Dream’s “Purple Kisses,” but more up-tempo. It is a song you would expect from Songz, but more mature. Songz also does an anticipated collaboration with rapper Drake in the song “Unusual,” proving that any project involving these two is an instant hit.

Lastly, passion comes into play. “Unfortunate” is one of the stronger

pieces in this section as Songz sings about the love of his life leaving for

another who treats her badly. “Blind” is about a man that refuses to see the bad in his life, which leads to  terrible consequences. Listeners may feel a strong emotional connection to this song. The last song, “You Just Need Me” is about Songz sweet-talking a woman.

All in all, this album is a definite must have whether you are a Trey Songz fan or not. Some songs did not tie in with the themes but showcased Songz as the vocalist that made him successful, such as “Bottoms Up” featuring female rapper Nicki Minaj, “Love Faces,” and “Massage.” However, the entire album is a great listen.

With 240,000 copies sold in its first week, PPP offers R&B fans more pleasure than anything.