Hit or miss

Nearly a year ago, popular rock band Maroon 5 rocked Carnesecca Arena at the St. John’s University Fall 2009 concert. Since then, the group has wrapped up their world tour and recorded their third-studio album, Hands All Over.

When asked what the fans should expect from the album, lead singer Adam Levine said “It sounds like f-ing Maroon 5.” The band continued to use their original sounds of rock, pop, R&B and their powerful lyrics about unsuccessful relationships. For a few songs, like the radio hit “Misery,” the quintet remained inside their creative box, maintaining the same familiar sounds fans are accustomed to.

Hands All Overprovides 18 tracks, including acoustic tracks and live renditions of songs like “If I Ain’t Got You,” originally by R&B singer Alicia Keys. The band paired up with Lady Antebellum for “Out of Goodbyes,” providing the album with a small country twist. “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” and “Hands All Over” are exactly what you would expect from Maroon 5–endless references to physical relations as well as broken hearts and failed relationships.

The three-time Grammy award-winning band has two multi-platinum albums under their belt, Songs about Janein 2002 and It Won’t Be Soon Before Longin 2007. Together, both albums have sold about 15 million copies around the world, and from the looks of it, their third album is no different. The album debuted at number two on the Billboard charts, selling over 140,000 units in its first week.

One of rock and roll’s most influential producers, Mutt Lange, contacted the band so he could work on their album.

Songs like “This Love,” “She Will Be Loved” and “Harder to Breathe,” are some of the band’s biggest hits. The unforgettable melodies that drew people to those songs are also present in some of the tracks in Hands All Over

It would have been interesting if the band had taken more risks in their newproduction, but their sound has become a comfort zone for many of their fans. Hands All Overis a stepping stone to where they are headed in the music industry and an overall ear-pleaser.