First Listen: Ninja Tactics

While most prefer to be categorized into separate musical genres, Shinobi Ninja is one band that mashes up hip-hop, punk, reggae, rock and metal into an original, urban sound.

Shinobi Ninja is comprised of six members who formed the band after recording music, taking classes and rehearsing together at Progressive Studios in Hell’s Kitchen for over two years.  The band’s members include: D.A., Baby G, Maniac Mike, DJ Axis Powers, Jonny on the Rocks and Terminator Dave. 

When asked who Shinobi Ninja is in an online interview with The Inferno, the band responded: “We’re just a hardbody rock band from Brooklyn!” 

Although the band’s name was influenced by Japanese culture and some members were born outside of the state, their attitude and music embodies everything that is New York City.  

Having such an eclectic musical background, it’s no wonder that the band can produce such a diverse sound. When asked about their musical influences, responses varied from rock, funk, pop, dance, and hip-hop. La Bouche, Ace of Base and Notorious B.I.G. were some of the artists they are inspired by. 

The ability of the band to combine these different sounds can be summarized by one word that the band conceived: “Voltronesque.”  Derived from the cartoon The Transformers, where Voltron robots combined, Shinobi Ninja is Optimus Prime – in a musical sense.  

“Rock Hood” is a popular single off of their Video Game EP that repeats the lyrics “Their old school so they really don’t know” throughout the track, emphasizing how their sound is different from what people are used to.  This unique attitude can be sensed in every track the band has recorded. 

Another single off of the Video Game EP is “Brooklyn to Babylon,” a great example of the band’s ability to fuse different sounds together.  The track gives off a reggae vibe with a melody reminiscent of a classic Bob Marley song, while drums and electric guitar play supporting roles and add the rock music elements to the song. 

In a time when most music fans would say that the quality of music is slowly diminishing, it’s safe to say that Shinobi Ninja bring something refreshingly different to the table.   

When asked about their goals for the rest of the year, the band said “to rock hard in front of thousands of people, make new fans, make our dreams come true and be able to pay our rent based on our musical skills!” 

The band closed the interview with a few words of advice to college students: “Stay positive and stay focused on your goals. Be willing to sacrifice everything else for what you want to attain. Whatever it is, go get it, hardbody! Have fun in life because life is here to enjoy. Remember, they can never take away YOUR experiences!” 

From their “Voltronesque” sound and blend of hip-hop and rock to their “hardbody” attitudes, this band is determined to make a name for themselves, one show and fan at a time.