Trick or Trends


Halloween costumes have changed a lot since the basic bedsheet ghost and toilet paper mummy. With a college student budget, both almost seem like a decent last-minute fix. Fear not! There are many alternatives to getting in touch with one’s inner ghoul or witch without breaking the bank.

For most, the trouble is finding out where to look for a good costume. Most go for the humorous side of Halloween while others like to embrace the classic terror theme. Whichever

is chosen can be found and created with ease.

There are many costume stores within a few mile radius of the St. John’s campus. The closest, Spirit, is off of Union Turnpike and has a wide variety of the classic spooky costumes to the newest gag costume that will demand attention. With new shipments weekly, Spirit is bound to have a costume for everyone.

But the question is: what to be? As Lucy Van Pelt said in It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, “A person should choose a costume that contrasts her own personality.” In other words, choose a costume that exceeds expectations and will be the talk of the party.

For women, the most popular choices are the classic witch costume or favorite heroine, and even the outrageous Lady Gaga. For men, the Banana costume and the inflatable ostrich cowboy hold the top spots for gag favorite. If attempting a group theme, no wrong can be done dressing up as the fist-pumping characters ofThe Jersey Shore. Even if you can’t get the “Snooki poof” or the Situation’s six-pack come Sunday, there are costumes dedicated to the cast that include a faux Snooki wig and a Situation t-shirt.

If a full costume is not within your budget, Spirit has a wide variety of wigs, fun-shaped glasses and face-painting kits. Not only would this be a cheaper solution, it would also give a lot of space for creativity and originality.

Using household items can also be a money-saving alternative. With some old clothes or fabrics, one can put a modern twist on the classic witch disguise. Accessories also make all the difference. Don some psychedelic earrings to achieve the hippie look or sport some fangs as a vampire. If opting for a pirate ensemble, be sure to bring your eye patch and fake parrot. It is also easy to rip up a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt, and pile on the dark make-up to become an instant zombie.

Still unsure as to what to be? Not a problem. Anyone can find inspiration for a costume anywhere! From your favorite movie, T.V. show or even friends. Keep a few of these tips in mind to ease the confusion and make shopping or creating a costume an enjoyable experience.