Black Puts Bronx Back On The Map


Rightfully named the birthplace of hip-hop, the Bronx has bred some of the most talented

individuals in entertainment. Alberto Daniels, better known as Albe Back, is one of them.

While most recognize him from his role as Brooklyn in the hit movie ATL, Back’s talent

goes well beyond the movie screen. From poetry to hip-hop, this artist is no stranger to

the mic and the spotlight.


Back’s father is the founder of The Lost Poets, so the art of poetry and rhyme has always

been a part of his life. Sharing the stage with some of this generation’s finest poets on

HBO’s popular series Def Jam Poetry, Back has been able to perfect his craft.


One song that has helped push Back’s career is “Mira Mira Ven Aqui” featuring rapper

Fabolous. After the success and feedback he received from his music, Back took on

the role of entrepreneur as well. JusBe is a multimedia company that Back created that

dabbles in the arts, including music film, videography and creativity. Fans can even

watch Back’s very own web series, One Minute Show online, which is released under

JusBe. Through his multimedia company, viewers can expect quality short films, songs

and music videos.


As far as he has come, one thing Back will never forget or leave behind is his beloved

Bronx. In an interview with the Inferno, Back discusses his hometown, inspiration and

the current state of music.


Inferno: Why hip-hop?

Albe Back: I didn’t choose hip-hop, my mom IS hip-hop. I was born and raised in the

birthplace of hip-hop, the Bronx, so it’s only natural.


Inferno: What is your opinion on the current state of music?

Back: I think music, the selling/marketing/product side of it, is suffering, but the art of

music isn’t. As a music fan, you just gotta know where to find the art you like. There’s

music for everybody; you just gotta know where to look. With that being said, the current

state of music is exciting because it’s like we’re on this never-ending search for great art,

great music.


Inferno: Who or what inspires you?

Back: The “wow factor” inspires me; I thrive off feedback from others. When somebody

reacts to something I’ve said, done or created with a “Wow! Did he just say that?”

or “Wow! Did he make that?,” it inspires and motivates me to continue what I’m doing

and become better at it.


Inferno: Favorite music collaborations you’ve done?


Back: DMC, MC Lyte, KRS-One, Dead Prez, Mos Def, Kanye West, Goapele, Whosane,

Fabolous and Kidz in the Hall, just to name a few.


Inferno: What is a random fact that people don’t know about you?

Back: I’ve never kissed an asian girl.


Inferno: What can we expect from you in 2011?

Back: Releases of movie & short films we at JusBe shot this past year, and just more



Inferno: What advice would you give to college students?

Back: Lie to yourself until you become what you are saying. I say that in a good sense.

It’s an amazing way to get through things in life. If a professor gives you a 5-page paper

to write, tell yourself “I’m gonna do 6 pages!” You might not be able to, but if you lie and

say it, it just might happen. In a way, it motivates you.


From his extroverted personality, his lyrical abilities to his entrepreneurship, fans can

only anticipate more from this talented artist who left home to pursue his dreams. No

worries though, Albert says “Albe Back.”