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Runaway Love

Behind the controversy and the facades that he puts up for the media, Kanye West is a true artist at heart. His newest project, Runaway, is a short film directed by West that features the lead single Runaway off his upcoming album My Beautiful, Dark, ?Twisted Fantasy. 

The video premiered Oct. 23 on all major music television networks as well as the internet, creating a promotional, visual backdrop for his anticipated album.

As his fans wait patiently for its release, this film foreshadows the types of themes and ?concepts that West will be presenting in his new album.

The short film stars Kanye West and Victoria’s Secret model Selita Ebanks. Ebanks plays the runaway phoenix whom West rescues after nearly running her over with a car.  Initially, West embraces the winged phoenix creature and takes her along with him, introducing her to his world. 

The short film gives a variety of artistic visuals that depict West’s perceptions on how people can be critical and reluctant to accept and welcome new things into their lives, and how they can be close-minded. This theme is apparent in the dinner table scene of the film.

“You know what I hate about your world?” Ebanks says as those around her are quick to disapprove of her presence.

“Anything different, you try to change, you try to tear it down.”

This scene also represents how we overcome struggles and differences in life. 

“Do you know she’s a bird?” someone at the table asks. 

“No, I never noticed that,” West replies, looking beyond her external differences.

Another great scene is when West performs the single “Runaway.”  His musical delivery is reminiscent of performances from artists like Prince and Gnarls Barkley. West’s passion for his craft radiates through his body movements and music. In the performance, West is accompanied by dancing ballerinas who personify the music itself, dancing in sync with the song’s melody and lyrics.

Overall, the film is abstract in nature and provokes a different, subjective interpretation from each viewer. It can be assumed that West left much room for interpretation; there is no right or wrong answer. The work is meant to make one reflect on his or her own life based on the general themes embedded in the video.

The last scenes of West running down the long road possibly symbolize the paths we all take in life and how we sometimes need to pick up the pace to get what we want or where we want to go.  Although interpretations of the film may be ?different, everyone can agree that West has done it again—surpassing artistic boundaries and creating something completely different. He proves that he is more than just a rapper; he’s an artist.

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