The Anberlin Experience

Irving Place was filled with hordes of people for the soldout show by Anberlin on Oct. 30. to promote their new album, Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place. The band has risen in popularity since their first album produced in 2003.

With their Switchfoot-esque sound and heavy use of electric guitars and drums, this five-person band kept the energy pumping all night long in the cozy venue. Crowds of people, mainly preppy high school and college students, some with hooded sweatshirts and others wearing Halloween costumes, excitedly welcomed the main act on stage after Civil Twilight and Crash Kings finished their performances. However, in contrast to most rock concerts, the crowd was also filled with middle school kids dragged by older siblings and even 40 year-old women bobbing their heads to Anberlin’s catchy beat, showcasing the wide audience  the band has attracted in the city.  

“This is not Civil Twilight’s show. This is not Crash Kings show. This is not even Anberlin’s show. This is your show,” said vocalist Stephen Christian as the crowd erupted in cheers.

The voices joining together in unison charged the band, empowered by their energy. From jumping and screaming to  fist pumping and yelling out Anberlin’s lyrics, the band kept the crowd enthusiastic throughout the 15-song set performed that night.

With Nathan Young pounding on the drums, the band entered the stage in complete darkness as the crowd began to swarm and yell in excitement. Lead guitarist Joseph Milligan gave the peace sign to the audience and the pounding of drums triggered the crowd into a frenzy as Anberlin began the soldout show with the first track on their new album, We Owe This to Ourselves.

Milligan splashed water onto the audience with his water ?bottle, Young threw the drum stick to the crowd as the audience thrived off of Christian’s energy as he moved on the stage from corner to corner. The band barely took a break between each song, keeping the audience’s adrenaline high.

The energy of the crowd evolved to a new level as the band performed?Paperthin Hymn from their sophomore album, Never Take Friendship Personal. With each note the band played, the colored lights streamed through the venue and the crowd cheered as Christian sings the harsh break up song, “I thought you said forever over and over/ A sleepless night becomes bitter oblivion/ These thoughts run through my head over and over/ Complaints of violins become my only friends.”

Anberlin smoothly transitioned into some of their darker and mysterious songs towards the middle of the show. With “Art of War,” the band keeps the crowd attuned and captivated.

With their song “The Haunting,” Milligan pulled out the acoustic guitar  as the crowd passionately began to cheer for the soothing love song. Slowly but surely, the tempo of the songs  ?accelerated and excitement builds once again in the crowd. Anberlin also ?performed their new single “Impossible.”  The band ended their concert with “Feel Good Drag,” evoking an automatic eruption from their eager crowd.

Each person at the concert seemed to relive a memory sparked by the lyrics and rhythm of the band. Couples held each other as “their song” played and groups of girls clapped to the beat while singing at the top of their lungs. Others closed their eyes and sang the lyrics dear to their hearts. As the show came to end, the crowd kept screaming for an encore.