Ahmir Gives Back Through Song

In an industry where up-and-coming artists are focused on getting their names out there, Ahmir has used their talents to place the emphasis on others.


The R&B group comprised of Sing-Sing, Mr. Jones, Big Mike and KC has used their music as a vehicle to not only propel their careers but bring awareness to the issues that hit close to the heart.


After the recent tragedy that took place in January in Tucson, Arizona, Ahmir heard of the shooting that became an instant national story through the news.

“We pay attention,” Sing said. “We felt like a tragedy like this doesn’t really happen like this and we wanted to offer some support to let the little city in the middle of Arizona know they’re not by themselves.”


The group is involved with a fund drive called Give Love with Ahmir in partnership with the Christina Taylor Green and Gabe Zimmerman funds, both victims in the shooting. By donating $10.00 to either fund and emailing a confirmation to Ahmir, fans can win 2 VIP tickets to their show or a Broadway play along with hotel accommodations for one night.


When asked why it’s more important to make the music focused on significant social issues including domestic abuse and cancer, Sing said, “It’s a therapeutic way to deal with real issues. We don’t have to be about ourselves.”


CNN also took notice of the group after Ahmir reached one million views within two days for their cover of the John Lennon classic “Imagine” with singer Sam Tsui. By joining forces with another artist with a strong YouTube following, it brought more awareness to the initiatives they supported.


“Whatever we can do to give back, we do,” KC said.

The group recently worked with Jordan Knight for the Dancing for Hope event in Boston that centered on helping battered women cope with abuse and unemployment. “It touched close to heart because we know a few women going through the same issues,” KC said.

After watching “Imagine” along with their other popular covers on YouTube, their talent is immediately evident. But it’s their big hearts that make them hard to notice. With a harmony that sings close to heaven’s ears, Ahmir uses their voices as an instrument of change.


“I believe each experience in life culminates in who you are,” Big Mike said when asked what makes them unique from other R&B groups, like 112 and Boyz II Men, that came before them. “The way we choose to express that is different. We have a different sound.”


And experiencing a live performance from them proves that. Ahmir recently sung in a showcase as the only R&B group in “The School of Hard Rockz,” alongside other familiar ‘Tube faces such as Timothy De La Ghetto, Lil Crazed and Erika David. Their covers of hits like B.O.B.’s “Airplanes,” Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” and Taylor Swift’s “Today Was A Fairytale” not only sent the ladies in a frenzy but demonstrated their wide vocal range and charismatic stage presence.


With a kindness as big as their popularity on social media sites, there is no doubt that Ahmir is just beginning to show the world what they have to offer. Within the next five years, the group hopes to win a few Grammys and become a household name as the biggest music act across genres. After appearing on America’s Got Talent, celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Miley Cyrus and Lady Antebellum have given their praises via YouTube comments.


For each of them, music carries the same amount of significance and they recognize that without their fans, they would be nothing. Whether it’s an escape (Big Mike), a universal language that transcends race, time and experience (Sing-Sing) or therapy (Mr. Jones), music is ultimately “like a friend,” KC said. “It’s whatever you need it to be.”

And Ahmir may just be what the music industry is missing.

For more on Ahmir, visit ahmirmusic.com or check out their YouTube site at youtube.com/ahmirTV.