Jennifer Hudson: I Remember Me

Jennifer Hudson reminds her fans who she is in her latest album I Remember Me.

After enduring both the good (celebrating motherhood to baby David and preparing for her wedding to former reality star David Otunga) and the bad (recovering from the deaths of her mother and brother who were shot in October 2008), Hudson harnesses her vocals and channels her emotions into a soulful sophomore project.

A collection of heartwrenching ballads and personal testimonies of triumph are what makes the album hard to tear away from. Collaborating with producers like Ryan Tedder, R. Kelly, Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys, I Remember Me brings a new element to

Hudson’s artistry that feels more natural to her personality.

“No One Gonna Love You” prepares the album for take off as Hudson begins her journey of self discovery. The album glides into “I Got This,” inviting all to share in her declaration of victory.

Several songs echo the feel of certified hits, such as “Angel,” “Everybody Needs Love” and “Don’t Look Down.” Her carrier single “Where You At” is prone to being stuck in listeners’ heads.

“Feeling Good” immediately calls to mind the Weight Watcher campaign Hudson made famous with her sexy and svelte figure, pairing empowering lyrics with a classy beat.

Other tracks have the right intention of promoting strength and positive thoughts but are lackluster in comparison to the rest, like “Gone” and “Why Is It So Hard.” However, it shouldn’t be considered a penalty against the songstress, for fans will find solace in the lyrics of every song.   

It’s not difficult to understand why Hudson is a Grammy and Oscar winner. Each note she sings is a testament to her success. Her ability to take a simple R&B or pop song and elevate the feeling behind each verse is incomparable to some of today’s freshest talent. She retains a high standard of talent that many can admire and appreciate. One thing’s for sure: This new album will have Hudson making you remember her.