Hit or Miss: Britney Reigns

One of the music industry’s most famous pop veterans makes a huge comeback with her latest release Femme Fatale.

Britney Spears has gone through her share of negative publicity, from her failed marriage to ex-dancer Kevin Federline to a meltdown that resulted in her shaving off her hair, but her return to music (especially after motherhood) almost seems as if none of it affected her lengthy career.

Spears even celebrated the morning of her album’s release by performing in an exclusive concert for ABC’s Good Morning America, where 5,000 tickets were given away in less than 14 minutes.

Femme Fatale is a culmination of Spears’ best work combined into one. Taking the youth and fun from her first album Baby One More Time to the heart racing, body shaking beats similar to those on Blackout, she stays relevant with today’s mainstream music by taking it a step further.

Calling on songwriting help from Ke$ha, Spears drops the audio bomb that is “Till The World Ends,” which is sure to be on heavy rotation after the album’s carrier single “Hold It Against Me.” Black Eyed Peas’ producer Will.i.a0m lends his musical magic to the club banger “Big Fat Bass.” The subject material of the songs “Inside Out” and “Trouble For Me” make relationship problems almost sound inviting as long as they provide the soundtrack.  

The album’s biggest plus is its ability to maintain a high level of energy that prevents listeners from staying in their seats. Like an audible sundae, the tracks themselves offer a different flavor from one to the next. The final track “Criminal” is just the cherry on top.

In a genre that houses Katy Perry and Rihanna, Spears elevates her vocal ability in an effort to remain the original queen of pop. For her old pop diehards, Femme Fatale is a visit back to the music that used to bring out the fanatic in each of us.

Members of her newer fanbase will instantly recognize it as a solid classic. However, the album is ultimately a testament to Spears’ staying power in a constantly changing world of music and proof that she will continue to reign.