Jessie J: Who You Are

British singer and songwriter Jessie J’s debut album Who You Are hit American shelves on April 12. She recently signed to Island Records birthing her debut LP after much success from penning songs like Miley Cyrus’ mega hit, “Party in the USA.” Who You Are was released Feb. 28, a month early in the United Kingdom after her two singles rocketed her to popularity.

Jessie J has been called the British Pink and Katy Perry, but through her music, she proves to be  in her own lane.

British female artists seem to hold a soulful artistry that R&B and Pop in America have somehow lacked. This album has a different feel to it, but is definitely soulful in its own sense. You can appreciate Jessie J’s voice on songs like U.K. chart topper “Do it like a Dude,” which talks about how a woman can do whatever a man can if they put their minds to it, and the song “Abracadabra” where you can hear her voice’s true soul.

Her first two singles “Do it like a Dude,” and “Price Tag” were major hits in the U.K., both reaching the number two spot on the charts. Her collaboration with “Airplanes” rapper B.O.B, “Price Tag,” has peaked at number 40 in the Billboard 100 list. The song has been covered by thousands of people on Youtube, with its powerful and inspiring lyrics that suggest that there is more meaning to life than money or a price tag. “Seems like everybody’s got a price/ I wonder how they sleep at night/And the truth comes second/ Just stop for a minute and smile” she sings.

The album has been in the works for a total of six years.

Jessie had a record deal with Gut Records early in her career, but they went bankrupt before releasing any of her material. This began the start of her career as a songwriter. Showing her true skills, Jessie had a part in writing every song on this album which is not something many artists have the opportunity to do on their first project. Her songs stem from being inspirational and uplifting, to personal and all about love.

In the song “Mama Knows Best” Jessie sung her heart out to let the world know that your mother will always have the answer. “See Mamma knows best when I feel down/ To bring me up and always keep my feet on solid ground.”  It is the kind of song to send to a mother on mother’s day to let her know how much she means to you.

The album totally works because it is just so smooth and raw. There’s no denying that fans and America will love this album’s flow and all of the positive messages in the songs. Go cop Who You Are and enjoy it!