From African dance to zumba the fitness center offers all

St. John’s University gives students an opportunity to do those sit-ups and run that extra mile with a group of people in an upbeat atmosphere. With continued fitness programs and a variety of new ones added each semester, the Fitness Center has expanded their horizons and is getting great feedback. Anyone involved will have a great time and get an even better workout.

Some of the new additions include an up-tempo African Dance class, and the new dance craze, Zumba, which incorporates international rhythms into the workout. Students get their adrenaline pumping with the basics of Boxing that give an intense workout, or join the Hip-Hop class and get a full body workout without even feeling it. There are many forms of workouts to ensure a good time for all involved and all will find something that works for them.

New people come to the gym everyday due to the diverse amount of classes offered in Carnesecca Arena. The African and Belly Dancing class attendance numbers have escalated in recent weeks.

Freshman Tori Valentino attended one of the newly offered Judo classes. She states that the class gave “good basics for ground fighting and self defense.” With a long history in Tae Kwon Do, Tori had nothing but good remarks and high recommendations towards the class.

“The instructor went at a good pace for beginners and took time to personally help the students during the class,” said Valentino.

Having some form of selfdefense under your belt is a benefit of the class and may be even necessary for the future. Tori explained how her favorite part of the class was the “Judo Throws,” which is a move where she throws someone over her side. Tori pointed out that Judo and Karate prove to anyone that “size does not matter.”

To relieve a bit of that first semester stress, the fitness center also offers Yoga and Pilates. Recommended by one of the gym’s personal trainers, senior Matt Smith, Yoga works on breathing techniques and relieves stress.

No workout is ever the same. Not only does the gym offer group classes. It also has personal trainers, like Matt, to work one-on-one with a college student budget. Self-motivation is the key when it comes to working out. To first get out of bed but to then walk to the gym and actually make use of time isn’t as easy as it seems.

“The hardest thing for students to do is come to the first class,” said Smith who has worked for the school’s gym for the past two years.  “Once a student finds out what they like in the class, they usually come back for more lessons or sessions.”

Smith states that with the expanding class sizes, he hopes the administration will want to expand the overall size of the gym space.

“Hopefully with enough people involved, we can make the necessary space changes to maintain the new fan base,” said Smith.

Either just working out on the gyms equipment or taking a Karate class, anyone who leaves the gym will leave satisfied. Grab a friend, running shoes and an open mind and head to the campus gym and see the many options available. There are many workouts to choose from and with a continuously growing class for each lesson, students and faculty are bound to meet new workout partners. Staying fit and having fun has never had so many choices.