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Society and the cell phone: too much?

Since the beginning of mankind, many have pondered at the thought of when the world would end? How would it happen? Meteorite? Global Warming? Zombies? It’s been 40 days since the last “Apocalypse” on December 21st, and I think it’s safe to say we could finally file the movie “2012” under the fiction genre at Blockbuster. From the days of Nostradamus to the scare of Y2K, mankind has come out better than ever. Or have they?

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us, but not the way we’ve heard about it. Not the way “Zombie land” or “The Walking Dead” have described it, but with technology. Since the technology boom in 2000 and the emergence of Apple and Droid, the zombies have been out lurking the ground we all share. Whether it’s checking a tweet, changing a Facebook picture, or texting a loved one, technology is turning mankind into zombies. Walking with their heads down and eyes focused on the screen, these zombies are growing in numbers.

“When I’m here at St. John’s I’m trying to figure out where I’m going,” sophomore Sam Blakely told the Torch while walking down the steps of Marillac. “I don’t have my schedule memorized.”

A Department of Transportation study showed that half of New York residents that were involved in a pedestrian-car accident were crossing the street while the traffic light was green and were unaware that the light had even changed. This type of incident caused Mayor Bloomberg to stamp the word “Look!” at about 200 intersections in the five boroughs in hopes of preventing pedestrians from fatal injuries as they cross the street.

“I tend not to bump into people,” said junior Audrey Prieto, who was walking to Dasilva. “I use my peripherals.”

But it’s not just pedestrians that are showing these Zombiesk qualities. It’s motorists as well. Even though the use of electronics while operating a vehicle is illegal in the state of New York, there are many drivers that still choose to check up on their electronic friends at the next red light or while approaching a stop sign.

Although most phones that are purchased have some sort of head set that makes it hands free, drivers still choose not to use them and are forced to hold the steering wheel with only one hand.

The mutants are not just walking the streets but are also sitting in class next to you. Most students stroll into class with about ten minutes to spare before class begins and instead of socializing verbally with fellow classmates, the zombies take out their electronic devices and fiddle with them until the kryptonite known as a professor comes into the class room to settle the crowd of monsters.

It’s not uncommon to also see two zombies sit together and dabble on their devices while sharing a meal together, just look in Montogris or Marillac during lunch time and you’ll see for yourself.

The Zombies are upon us, they’ve always been, but now more than ever. It’s only a matter of time until the entire world is engulfed in this Apocalypse.

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