Kisstixx provides kissing tips


With Valentines Day just one day away St. John’s students all around campus are prepping for that perfect….kiss.

CEO of Kisstixx Lip Balm, Dallas Robinson, says that there is no better way to celebrate the day of love than by locking lips. But, mastering that perfect kiss may not be as easy as it seems.

With the help of some “kissing experts” at Kisstixx, Robinson developed the top five kissing tips so St. John’s students don’t find themselves in a sloppy situation tomorrow.

The first tip they came up with: the tongue is a tool not a weapon. “Being too forceful with the tongue can be a huge turn off,” Robinson said. “Practice makes perfect.”

According to Kisstixx, lips have 100 more nerve endings than fingertips. In other words, work the nerves. The second tip is to tease those nerve endings.

The third tip the kissing experts decided on was to create excitement with your kiss. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Nothing is worse than a boring kisser. Robinson also encourages kissers to get their hands involved. “Use your hands to touch your partner’s cheek or cradle the back of their head,” he said. “These gestures will help to ignite fireworks while kissing.”

The fifth and final tip is to get rid of bad breath. They believe that bad breath takes everything away from the moment. Chew some gum or pop a mint before you lock lips with someone.

Even though many of Kisstixx tips are helpful, St. John’s students have their own ideas on what the perfect kiss might be.

Junior Leidy Valdez believes that it’s not all about the technique, but instead the moment the kiss takes place in.

“I think the perfect kiss is worth waiting for,” she said. “Like a goodnight kiss or a goodbye kiss.

Junior Flor Zuniga agrees with Valdez. “The perfect kiss,” she said. “Is the one you can distinguish with your eyes closed.”

Junior Joe Callendrillo thinks the perfect kiss has a lot to do with the perfect woman. “The perfect kiss is a total mind and body euphoria nothing no matter how serious happening around you is relevant, of course, it is only made possible by the perfect woman,” he said. “For example, Honey Boo Boo’s mother will never be able to provide the body and mind euphoria that comes with the perfect kiss.”

Robinson started the idea of Kisstixx lip balm back in high school. “In high school, I was mainly interested in girls, having fun, snowboarding and skiing,” Robinson said. “But as time went on, I discovered that with dry, chapped lips, no one would be interested in kissing me.”

Robinson decided to turn that realization into action by developing a groundbreaking company while still in college. Thus, emerged Kisstixx.

“We created high quality lip balms that come in complementary lip-smacking flavors such as Strawberry and Chocolate, Fire and Ice, Peaches and Cream and others,” he said. “When combined with a kiss, they create a new,unforgettable flavor reaction and tingling sensation!”

According to Robinson, the product took off after appearing on the show “Shark Tank,” businessman Mark Cuban invested $200,000 in the company.“We soon began to connect with retailers nationwide,” Robinson said. “And now [Kisstixx] sells into dozens of countries around the world.”