Facing adulthood hand-in-hand

Hannah and Andrew with their 2-year-old son Ben

Hannah and Andrew with their 2-year-old son Ben

In a crowded dining hall, Hannah and Andrew sit at a table with a group of friends, but they are having their own conversation. A few months before, they were strangers.

“Andrew and I met at Montgoris,” Hannah said laughing. “He didn’t say a word the whole lunch.”

The couple met through mutual friends on a regular day in college. And despite their shy beginning, they were inseparable not long after. In a crowded college cafeteria, they could be alone in their own world.

“She is the love of my life,” Andrew, now 26, said. “I am just so lucky that we found each other in college.”

Andrew and Hannah, 26, were still teenagers when they met at St. John’s in 2005 and by March 2006 they were an item. Hannah was an English major and Andrew studied telecommunications, also known as computer science. They both shared many common interests, including their devoted faith, passion for service and involvement in campus ministry.

It was on a plunge trip to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina that solidified their relationship, Hannah said.

The couple had their share of hardships though, even in college. Hannah said she had chronic health issues beginning in college, but no matter what obstacle they faced, they faced it together.

“Andrew is my biggest support,” she said. “Andrew has been there for me every step of the way.”

The couple dated all through college. They graduated in 2009 and got married in 2010 at St. Thomas More Church.

“It was the right place to get married,” Andrew said.

Hannah said it was a beautiful day both on campus and in their lives. Bringing together their faith, their college and each other on the same day meant the world to her.

“It was a beautiful way to start our life together,” she said.

They now have a 2-year-old son named Benjamin. The couple said they love being parents and sharing their lives with him.

“He is the joy of our life,” Hannah said. “I didn’t know we could love somebody as much as we love Ben.”

Being together and enjoying each other’s company seems to be a theme for Andrew and Hannah. And even after all these years, laughter aside, Andrew said some of his favorite memories come from day to day activities with Hannah in college, such as eating at Montgoris.

“Montgoris is so day to day,” he said. “It was very day to day, but very special as well.”

Another favorite college memory the couple shares is when Andrew visited Hannah when she was studying abroad in Rome.

“It was a real blast,” Hannah said, remembering traveling with Andrew and friends throughout the historic city.

The couple said they have countless memories together in college and laughed as they recounted the lives they lived just a few years ago. Their advice to young couples is to cherish every moment.

“Savor your time together,” Andrew said. “This goes for colleges in general, especially for those in a relationships in college. Spend it wisely.”

Hannah agreed.

“My advice would be to ground your relationship in something that is bigger than yourself,” she said. “For us, that was our faith and being involved in service.”

The couple’s love for St. John’s and each other is irrefutable. Hannah said just like Andrew was there for her during difficult times, so was St. John’s. She said St. John’s guided and supported her and Andrew as they entered adulthood.

Andrew said St. John’s will always be a part of their relationship.

“St. John’s was really special for both of us,” he said.