Fitness center just around the corner


Photo Provided/Pilates Bodies

Pilates Bodies NY offers an array of machines and classes.

Located between Parsons Blvd. and 164th St. on Union Turnpike, just a 10 minute walk from Gate 4, Pilates Bodies NY offers a wide array of fitness classes for everyone, regardless of previous experience. Larisa Mar, St. John’s 2011 alumna and studio director, urges St. John’s students to come join the fun and health benefits that the studio has to offer.

The space is divided into two studios. Studio Two is a bigger group class room, with TRX suspension bands and a variety of equipment to use for the many classes the studio has to offer.  Studio One is used for pilates, with the appropriate machines that are used in the classes.

The studio offers a variety of instructors, with their expertise ranging from physical therapy to dancing.

“It’s a really great community here because it’s a non-intimidating environment; compared to a lot of classes in the city,” Mar said.

Pilates Bodies is welcoming to all, whether you are an instructor yourself or just a curious student. However, if you chose to take a Pilates class, as a pre-requisite, everyone must take the Fundamentals of Pilates Workshop.

This class gives everyone a fundamental understanding of specific moves that are used and to aid in familiarzing the clients on how to properly use the machines to prevent any injuries.

Don’t be intimidated, though. The space is an open space with an understanding that everyone is on a different personal journey and goal. It provides a comfort level for all who attend Pilates Bodies.

“What’s so important is to come here and not be surrounded by athletes,” Mar said.

What also distances Pilates Bodies from other classes, similar to those offered at St. John’s, is that you use the machine. The machine offers a greater variety of exercises that can be used. The classroom itself is roomy in size, but has eight machines. So anyone working on one of these would be getting an experience as if they worked with a personal trainer.

Pilates Bodies offers St. John’s students a variety of ways to save money on classes. Students are offered a 10% discount if they chose to purchase a package.

Also, all Studio Two classes are usually $15.00 per class, whereas it is only $10.00 per class for a St. John’s Student. Students also receive a 20% discount off all personal training. You can get all of this by simply showing your Stormcard at the front desk when you go to take a class.

Larisa suggests wearing form-fitting clothing because “instructors to be able to see the bending of the body to make sure you are doing the exercise correctly.”

Attendees also need to wear socks with a grip on the bottom to help prevent them from slipping, which Pilates Bodies sells at the studio.  Pilates is a great way to help find a balance in the everyday hustle and bustle everyone experiences, especially for students attending college.

It helps provide a balance between body mind and spirit.

Perhaps, most importantly though, “it really is just a lot of fun,” as Mar puts it.