A smorgasbord of gastronomical proportions

Lauren Eden, Contributing Writer

Mother Nature has not been too kind to us New Yorkers this season, and although there is

no magical remedy to cure the winter blues, there may be a temporary fix. Located at 1000

Dean Street in Crown Heights, the 30,000 square foot Brooklyn Flea is a perfect weekend

option for escaping the dreary cold.

Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby founded the Brooklyn Flea in 2008. Also known as

Smorgasburg, the place boasts over 100 different vendors selling anything from used vinyl

records to vintage sunglasses to jewelry made out of typewriter keys. However, the main

attraction of the Brooklyn Flea is undoubtedly the food.

With a variety of cuisines and choices available to the vegan and vegetarian friendly, a trip

to this Brooklyn hot spot can please anyone’s taste buds.

Some of the most popular food options at the Brooklyn Flea include the infamous “ramen

burger,” which puts an Asian twist on the American classic by adding ingredients typical in

Japanese cooking and squeezing it between two ‘buns’ that are made out of cooked ramen

noodles, which are then fried to stay together.

The combination may seem a little odd, but the product is oozing with the savory umami

flavor that leaves people’s mouths watering.

Other options include Pizza Moto, which offers specialty pies such as ones with bacon and

eggs aimed towards those Sunday brunch lovers.

Leaving room for dessert at Smorgasburg is a must and Dough doughnuts are a fan

favorite. With inventive flavors such as Hibiscus, Lemon Poppy, Cheesecake and Passion

Fruit, Dough always leaves customers wanting more as they wonder what the company will

come up with next. Flea-goers have the option to munch on the delicious goods at communal

wooden tables, or to stand and eat at tree-stump tables.

With a full stomach and hopefully not an empty wallet, browsing the room dedicated to

non-food vendors could land you with a personally engraved money clip or even an $8.00

Rolling Stones vinyl. You may encounter some pricey items, but hidden gems are in


The combination of goods that Brooklyn Flea offers with the spacious, high ceiling setting

provides guests with a fun, inviting atmosphere that could make you forget about the

blistering cold that howls just outside its doors.

“Smorgasburg is just another cluster where one can get lost in, all the while discovering

new things that influence unique culture,” St. John’s University student Justic Beckford said.

In April, Smorgasburg moves back to its outdoor location at Pier 5 Brooklyn Bridge Park,

where you can eat and relax while enjoying the beautiful view of the city.