SJU entertainer to appear on Family Feud

Nathalie Tigua, Staff Writer

When St. John’s University students log onto their MySJU, the first thing they might see is Paul “Gee” Gordon’s new video explaining what events are going on throughout campus. Gordon is not only featured in the videos, but he is also part of the media team and is working behind the scenes by editing his own videos. You might also find Gordon holding a microphone while hosting events around campus.

The entertainment “gene” runs in the family—Gordon and his family will be competing on the game show “Family Feud” this summer.

“Entertainment is in my DNA,” Gordon said. “The power of entertainment is incredible because it can change people’s moods. It can make someone smile, laugh and be inspired,” he said.

Gordon also said that entertainment is what he loves regardless of the “art form” used to do so.

“I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer, but I really got serious about it a couple of hours after my birth.” Gordon joked. “My mom told me I let out the loudest cry she has ever heard in her life. I just wanted to start my set with a bang.”

Gordon loves television and is very excited to be on it with his family.

“It’s one thing to have the talent and the passion, but to have the platform is an incredible blessing. I’m not going to let that moment pass without making a mark and my family is fully behind me,” Gordon said.

According to him, his family is “hilarious” and he can’t wait for people around the country to see them being themselves.

Gordon is going on the show with his sisters Rebekah and Sara Gordon, his cousin Sean Bristol and his mother Denise Gordon. They will be recording the episode this upcoming June.

Photo courtesy - Paul Gordon
Photo courtesy – Paul Gordon

“We are very loving and very real with each other,” Gordon said.

He  considers himself part of a family who not only wants the best for each other, but also serves as each other’s  biggest fans.

“We look out for each other and we can’t fake that,” Gordon said. “The genuineness will show on screen without a problem.”

Gordon is very excited to meet Steve Harvey and to possibly make him laugh.

“I can’t wait for the day we have a conversation on television,” Gordon said. “It’s a pleasure to be in the same studio as him.”

Gordon believes they can win the  game show.

“I do think we can win. We are ready for anything,” Gordon said.

“I just have that feeling of unshakable confidence.”

In case they win, Gordon and his family will celebrate by taking care of everything they need to handle financially and then use the rest of the money for whatever they want.

They also plan on saving a part of the money.

“Me and my family have been watching Family Feud whenever it comes on and every time we do, we act as if we are on the show,” Gordon said.

“So we are ready, trained and focused on winning it all!” he said.