Have a buon appetito at Bianca NYC

Lauren Eden, Staff Writer

Now that November is right around the corner, the temperature is starting to drop and it’s getting harder to keep up with the chilly weather. Although motivation can reach an all-time low when this occurs, there are certain things worth getting out for. Bianca, an Italian restaurant located on Bleecker Street in Noho, is one of those things.

The cozy atmosphere is perfect for those bundled up days in New York City when you need a place to escape the cold. It’s also a perfect spot for dinner with the parents, which was the game plan for the evening.

The décor was adorable: dainty wallpaper throughout with a single brick wall that gave off the chic vibe of downtown NYC. We immediately received menus and after reading the fine print discovered that Bianca is a cash-only restaurant. Fear not, because there are many ATMs located in the vicinity. The prices on the entrées range from about $11.50-$17.00, which is a great deal considering our location.

I started off ordering Passatelli in Brodo which is a soup consisting of spaetzle-type dumplings made from breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese in a chicken broth. The flavor of the broth was satisfying, flavorful and would be a great base for a variety of soups.

Next, we ordered some antipasti (“before the meal”). We chose Spiedino di Mare which is grilled shrimp and calamari and Lasagnette di Verdure, which is an eggplant, zucchini and tomato tart. The Spiedino di Mare had minimal seasoning on the seafood, which made you appreciate the perfection of the grilling. Beneath the shrimp and calamari was a simple salad of leafy greens with an olive-oil and lemon juice dressing, simple and fresh. The Lasagnette di Verdure was one of the highlights of the meal; layers upon layers of breaded eggplant and zucchini topped with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

Deciding what to order for my entrée was a challenge, so I asked our kind server for suggestions. As soon as she told me that the lasagna was the best in the city, I was sold.

Go out and get this lasagna. I don’t care what your schedule is like; you need to make time for things like this. If you’re broke, go cash your spare change in at Coin Star so you can go get this lasagna. The noodles were so fresh you’ll never want to eat Barilla pasta again. The meat sauce and cheese provided a ooey-gooey masterpiece, but the Béchamel is what made this lasagna what it was. Béchamel is a cream sauce made from butter, flour and milk. In other words, it’s pretty unhealthy, but eating healthy is overrated.

To top off our Bianca experience, we ordered the vanilla gelato and mixed berry sorbet, which were delicately presented with a biscotti cookie and mint leaf garnish. It was probably one of the best vanilla gelato I’ve ever had and, although the sorbet was tart, the sweetness of the gelato balanced it out.

The service, food and décor had me leaving Bianca with a smile.

Yes, it was not the healthiest of meals, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Go ahead people, keep posting your pictures of kale as if you’re actually happy eating that.