Bringing fashion to The Torch

“The Fashion Digest”

Vachon Osby, Special to The Torch

Fashion is one of the greatest sources of self-expression and pure artistry that is able to convey any message to onlookers. Most major fashion brands remain at the forefront of design by continuously challenging the status quo and sticking to their profound aesthetics that were discovered long ago.

But new brands have begun to emerge with the potential to become bigger and better by challenging societal norms, giving a larger rise to self-expression and picking up where earlier designers left off.

Capitalizing on the influence carried into the new century, the Red House and the Torch have begun The Fashion Digest which will be a stepping stone in relaying valuable information to our St. John’s family. We will be bringing to you articles discussing the latest trends, student successes, important industry news and much more that is sure to captivate the minds of our many creative and business savvy students.

“I dream to raise the taste level of our entire generation,” are the words from Kanye West who believes that it is both foolish and ignorant to become complacent at the slight taste of success. Continuously striving to  be your best self each day is the only way to gradually get ahead and accomplish more than you thought possible yesterday.

Vogue was founded in 1892 by Arthur Turnure, who succeeded at creating a timeless publication that capitalizes on the labors and fruits of life. Taken over by Condé Montrose Nast, the publication grew to greater heights and continues to operate as one of the top news sources of our time by creatively conveying fashion and style to the entire world.

With the same beliefs, the Red House and the Torch plan on implementing a similar sense of self-expression by both encouragement and capitalizing on the talents of our peers and colleagues through our new section, The Fashion Digest.

Collaborating and combining ideas has proven to enhance innovations that keeps major companies such as the LVMH conglomerate, the parent company for Louis Vuitton, operating as one of the most influential groups within the fashion industry.

We have formed an alliance that we hope will continue to expand and infinitely grow as new generations of St. John’s students take over where we leave off. As leaders of our university we aspire to raise the bar and motivate others to reach higher in accomplishing their dreams through hard work and unwavering dedication.

Great leaders are always able to bring their ideas together and form something completely new that is sure to wow the minds of onlookers. Kanye West was able to break boundaries in the fashion world throughout the past few months by implementing his personal style and aesthetic into one of the top brands most of us love -Adidas.

Just as Kanye has partnered with Adidas and brought his vision to the very top of news and social media, the beginning of The Fashion Digest will continue to bring students together by relaying important information and news while also granting exposure to individuals who stand out. Whether you would like to write for the Torch, join the Red House and/or any other org on campus, we strive to create a community where students continuously motivate one another and collaborate on inventive feats that are aimed at bringing each student closer to their goals.

– Osby is the President of Red House. –