Ghouling around at the Witches Brew

Jamie Pfeiffer, Contributing Writer

The Witches Brew is the perfect spot to sit and munch while discussing one’s Halloween terrors.

The Witches Brew is set up like a local café but is located on a desolate road in West Hempstead, Long Island. There are cozy vintage couches and loveseats to relax on while sipping on a warm potion of one’s choosing.

The atmosphere is of dim lighting, just enough to see one’s pals around them and keep an intimate setting.

When entering on a busy night, there could be a wait but otherwise guests get seated and  are served accordingly. But here’s a warning, it is cash only! The Witches Brew is fully decorated year round and perfectly festive to the bewitching occasion.

I have visited once before and it was super packed, but this most recent evening was quiet and perfect for something ghostly to arise.

There is talk about this small staircase inside the café that leads to a small attic above the shop. Gossip says that actual witches live up there or once did. Nobody will know because, while open, nobody goes up or down which just adds to the fun of this mysterious location. Their menu is written in a skulls and crossbones font and has spooky decorations all around the pages.

This Witches Brew not only serves teas, coffees and desserts but also has appetizers on the menu; they truly have something for everybody. The lights are of an orange and yellow glow and from the outside could appear to be an old antique shop.

This particular evening, I ordered myself a brownie a la mode with a hot chocolate and sweet coffee concoction. This evening, my wizardly comrade ordered red velvet cheesecake, crumb cake and a warm caramel beverage. Everything was served on a silver platter with nice utensils, to give the vibe that we were truly in the presence of renowned witches.

While there, one becomes entranced chatting for hours and mesmerized by their inventive entrees.

This shop clearly wants its customers to stay for a while, given the welcoming environment it provides and the flavorful foods they create. I plan on making a visit Witches Brew a yearly tradition.