Don’t be bored this spring break with these three New York activities

Crystal Grant, Staff Writer

In a city where we have world renowned museums like the MET and Museum of Natural History, smaller museums like the Neue Galerie tend to go unnoticed.

But like they say, size doesn’t really matter because the Neue Gallery boasts an extraordinary collection of early 20th century German and Austrian art that is absolutely worth checking out.

And you’re in luck. On March 3, the museum is hosting their monthly ‘pay as you wish’ night which takes place every first Friday of the month from 7-9 p.m.


Speaking of larger museums, maybe you have never even bothered to check out the MET or Museum of Natural History because of the hefty price of admission. What you might not know is that their admission prices are actually just suggested donations and you can leave any amount you want for a ticket.

Now you have no excuse not to go, especially since you will have the free time over break, and oh, you’re welcome by the way.

But you know what, maybe you don’t want to spend all your time sifting through fancy museums staring at old pieces of art by people that died before your parents even thought to conceive you.

Maybe you’re a bit more in touch with the modern world and want to see what great creations people living in the now are making. If so, then you should make your way down to Chelsea to view the works of independent arts at the Clio Art Fair. The fair takes place from March 2-5 and you may end up liking some of the works so much you need to take one home.


Even though St. Patrick’s day isn’t until until later this month, Queens is holding their annual St. Patrick’s day parade on March 5th at Newport Ave. and Beach 130th Street in Rockaway Beach. Don’t feel like you’re going to be getting a watered down experience just because it isn’t the big Manhattan parade.

It is going to have the same bagpipes, marching bands, dancers and firetrucks without the additional crowds.


Are you one of the few people walking on this planet that wasn’t doing backflips when the sequel to the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel was announced? Maybe your taste in film is a little more avant garde than the rest.

If that is the case, then maybe the Rendez Vous with French Cinema Film Festival held March 1-12, might fit your taste. This festival boasts some of the best of contemporary French films and the special price for students is only $10.