Spring 2017: Rethinking hot pink

Model shows off her hot pink attire with floral cardigan, flower headband and belt.


Model shows off her hot pink attire with floral cardigan, flower headband and belt.

Jennifer Bogus, Contributing Writer

At last, the fashion gods are on our side, because this season our favorite color is back– hot pink!

Unload your storage bins and pick out all the hot pink selections that you’ve spent years neglecting, because now you no longer have to feel passé wearing your pinks to the grocery store or the club.

Hot pink was a color we couldn’t get enough of in our youth– that color along with a bright vivacious yellow, and an orange reminiscent of the popular snack,  Cheetos.

Lisa Vanderpump is probably sitting in Villa Rosa going crazy because her prayers have been answered. Hot pink has been declared the unofficial color of the year.

This year, during the spring New York Fashion Week, brands like Balenciaga, Celine and Chanel have embraced the hue. The color worn in every shade, from fuchsia and rose to peach and magenta.

Dolce & Gabbana, Fenty x Puma and Lacoste offered up some chic, athleisure-themed blush looks.

The overall message for Fashion Week 2017 was: wear loads of pink and wear it however the you want.

But let’s face it– being in college, those brands may not fit the budget. But don’t worry. You can still be a fashionista this spring.

You can shop at places like Vince Camuto, H&M and Steve Madden and find items just as cute but more affordable. But before you hit the stores here are a few styles you should keep in mind.

  • Shoulders: not like the 80s styled shoulder pads but a softer shoulder definition, is in right now.
  • Sheer: think Perspex trousers with longline tops and dresses and also crochet bottoms.
  • Detailed Sleeves: is another trend that has been taking over the runway. Think ruffles, flutes, cropped, bunched, oversized according to Marques’ Almeida, Balmain.
  • Bralettes: everyone’s favorite piece of clothing is going to be everywhere for spring.
  • Dresses: if you love a floaty shirt dress situation then we’re predicting you’ll be able to buy one for every day of the summer thanks to Fashion Week 2017. Everyone will want to copy the beachwear-meets-eveningwear maxi dresses that were filling the runway for this season.

So this season, don’t be ashamed to step out in an all fluorescent ensemble. Don’t be afraid to make a statement this spring. If you’re confused with what to wear, remember that you can’t go wrong with pink.