HED: Essential Fitness Apps

You’re almost on your way to meeting your New Year’s resolution and getting that smokin’ hot body. So don’t loose focus and keep track of your progress! From tracking your calories to tracking your progress, your smartphone does many wonders on helping you stay on top of your game. No fancy schmancy tracking devices needed.

**All available at the App Store and Play Store.**

MyFitnessPal – Journals are out, phones are in. MyFitnessPal lets you record your food intake and your exercises—no need to double check the wrapper—the nutrition information is pretty accurate. The best thing is that you can set a goal and progress reports are shown.

7 Minute Workout – Got seven minutes? If you haven’t heard of this popular app by now, you’re hearing it. Between school and a job(s) and everything in between, you can’t possibly be a gym rat. This fun, super hands-on app consists of a series of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that will leave you lying on the floor. Need I say more?

MapMyFitness – Pedometers are so five years ago (seriously, who uses them anymore?). There’s more to running than going to Central Park; you can find exciting routes made by fellow runners, or even create your own route. That’s not it—it updates you as you go and you can find local running events, create your running event, and even track your nutrition!

Pact – Here’s one high motivator: “you snooze, you lose!” No, really. For every day you don’t record your veggie intake and/or your exercise, you will lose money. On the other hand, if you’re good and persistently record everything, you’ll actually get cash prizes. (Tip: Link your PayPal account only.)

Fitness Buddy – Everyone has a first time at the gym, where they don’t know what they’re doing. Luckily for all of us, first times don’t have to be embarrassing because Fitness Buddy is, well, really your fitness buddy. This app separates exercises in different focus categories—from core to arms, to legs—tone them up!