Students react to Obama’s first year in office

According to the latest polls, Americans are divided over President Obama’s progress.

This time last year, President Obama came into office with a 68 percent approval rating, according to the USA Today/Gallup poll. But the commander-in-chief’s approval rating has slipped to 50 percent in 12 months.

The data from the poll indicts more than 50 percent of those surveyed feel that President Obama’s handlings of health care and the economy have been less than stellar.

Some students at St. John’s said they have mixed opinions about the President’s first year in office.

“I know this is such a common response, but Obama walked into a lot of issues when he took office and because of this there was a lot of doing and undoing and repairing that needed to be and has been done,” said Annemarie Harr, a senior. “There are definitely still areas where large improvements need to be made, but comparatively he’s doing a great job.”

There are those who still feel that Obama was simply unprepared to take office.

“I feel he doesn’t have the experience or qualifications to be president,” said Sean DeBiase, a sophomore. “When I went into the booth two years ago, I originally had his name checked off but took back my vote feeling that I couldn’t morally vote for him.”

In the same poll by USA Today, Americans are split on the issue of terrorism and the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

Fifty percent of Americans approve of Obama’s handling of foreign affairs and terrorism. The previous administration had received lower ratings in the same area, In terms of the situation in Afghanistan, the country is divided.

“Not only has he not pulled troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, but he has ordered more to go,” said DeBiase. “I have a lot of friends in the service and I’m concerned for their safety.”