Going Green With Totes and Trail Mix

Over the weekend, Campus Activities gave students the opportunity to make their own trail mix bars and design their own reusable St. John’s campus tote bags in an effort emphasize “going green and being healthy.”

The event is part of the Live, Love, Learn series and began last summer in an effort to incorporate more weekend programming on campus.

The series takes place at the D’Angelo Center Coffeehouse every Saturday at 2 p.m. The theme of the series is “you make it and take it.”

After swiping storm cards, students received a plain, cream colored St. John’s tote bag, a white paper bag and 4 MVP points.

The trail mix area was filled with large bags of trail mix ingredients like peanuts, banana pieces, pretzels, and raisins.

Students scooped their favorite pieces into their paper bags to create the featured snack.

Students snacked on trail mix and worked on their tote bags while they sat at the coffeehouse decorating station tables. Each table was equipped with paint and extra snacks.

Pedro Gomez of Campus Activities said the event is another effort by the University to go green and promote an environment friendly lifestyle.

“I hope to see the St. John’s tote bags all the time because they are reusable and they are a reminder to be more eco-friendly,” he said.

“I think that people are getting the message.”

Gomez said, the event is the first of the series which highlights going green and being healthy. 

The inspiration came from looking into exciting events that tie into a goal of the University and will appeal to students.

“We’ve been very happy with the response; I would say that we have been very effective to go from not offering any weekend programming to creating multiple programs that make the weekend more vibrant,” he said.

According to Gomez, the events draw both residential and commuter students in equal proportions.

The Live, Love, Learn series continues next week.