Constitution Day promotes patriotism

Every Sept. 17, campuses across the country commemorate the signing of the Constitution. This year, Constitution Day fell on a weekend, and was celebrated by the University on Mon., Sept. 19.

The Office of the Provost, along with the Government and Politics Department, organized an event in the D’Angelo Center during common hour on Monday. Volunteers handed out pens, mini constitutions booklets and voter registration forms.

The event also featured a ten-question quiz that tested participants’ knowledge of the Constitution and the Amendments. Students were given the opportunity to share their opinions regarding the Constitution, and have their words broadcasted on television screens around campus.

Sister   Ellen  Smith, the assistant provost for technology and communication, was one of the organizers of the event. “Students were asked what aspect of the constitution could they not do without,” she said. “The overwhelming majority said the First Amendment, the freedom of speech. And they were also asked what thing could they do without and most said the Second Amendment – the rights to bear arms. Just some thoughts for reflection.”

Merov Harris, a graduate student who came to St. John’s to pursue a doctorate in school psychology, was one of the volunteers. “I love and cherish this opportunity,” she said. “It allowed me to raise awareness about one of the most prestigious documents in history.”

Whitney Rog, another graduate student, said she volunteered at the event because “people always complain about things, but never appreciate the things that they have.”

Rog feels Constitution Day is a time when it is essential to reflect on the rights Americans are afforded.

The celebration of Constitution Day continued on Thurs., Sept. 22, when the Law School hosted an interactive discussion regarding Ethics.