SGI Greenlights Costly Budget Proposals at Floor Meeting

Budget concerns dominated most of the discussion at Monday’s SGI floor meeting, particularly the proposed provision of $17,350 for Fashion Club’s sixth annual Spring Fashion Show, a motion that eventually passed.

Jason Chen, Budget Committee chair explained that the amount was for the show’s runway and lighting to be provided by event production company New York Fun Factory, setting off concerns from other SGI members.

Upon receiving claims that there must be less expensive alternatives, Chen explained that the extensive length of the runway along with its lighting and drapery was the reason behind the 17 grand price tag. “If they want to make it a great event, they need this runway,” said Chen.

Jodi Cox, director of Campus Life agreed with the Budget chair.

“This is a legitimate cost,” she said, going on to explain that New York Fun Factory has produced events in Carnesecca in the past and has become familiar with the stadium.

Senior senator Ellen McBurney added that New York Fun Factory was originally preferred for last month’s Buried Life event at Carnesecca. Verizon Wireless, the sponsor of the event, went with a different production company however that apparently experienced technical difficulties.

Another issue brought up regarding the fashion show was the revenue it expected to earn, which one Fashion Club representative predicted to be around $4,000, a figure she based on money brought in from the event in the past.

When members questioned whether SGI could receive some of that money, Chen called the notion “counterintuitive” and explained that it went against the organization’s bylaws.

“SGI is a nonprofit organization,” he said. “We can’t just [institute revenue sharing] for Fashion Club, it would have to be universal. When it’s universal, it discourages clubs from having free events.”

The Jewish Students Association sparked debate during budget discussions as well. Their $3,950 kosher catering request for their upcoming Passover Seder raised many eyebrows, but was eventually voted through after Campus Life director Jodi Cox shed light on the event’s success in the past.

“It’s packed,” she said. “Literally hundreds of people attend.”

Along with the fashion show and Seder, members passed all other budget allocations brought forward that evening, leaving $11,226.35 for activities for the rest of the year.

With campaigning for SGI elections to begin March 12, Election Committee chair Kamya Chandra took a moment to remind those present of the rules and regulations. Pending candidates must acquire at least a 70 percent on their candidacy exams, they will have the opportunity to run on one of two party tickets or an independent ticket. Voting will be held March 23, 26 and 27.

Summoning memories of last year’s suspension of one SGI ticket for violating poster placement rules, Chandra encouraged candidates to remain vigilant and that infringements are “going to be taken very seriously this year.”