Dining Options Increase for Students


The University dining services has added several new dining options in response to student comments and requests.

Administrators working in Dining Services said that they heavily kept in mind the comments and concerns of the students when making these new choices. Brij Anand, vice president for campus facilities and services, said that dining services evaluated these comments “with the goal of having a best in class dining service program.”

He also added that the success of the program relies heavily on the comments they receive from students

“The more we hear from them, the more we can do,” he said. “If we don’t hear from them, it becomes more difficult.”

Scott Lemperle, director of auxiliary services operations, said that dining services tried to increase the quality of the program from the previous academic year.

“We raised the bar this school year and we’re bringing the program to the next level,” he said.

Burger King will now be open at 7:30 am and provide a full-line breakfast menu, after several requests from students were made for more early morning meal options. Nathan’s will also now have “breakfast-at-night” options for those looking for breakfast items during the later hours of the day.

Montgoris dining hall will now feature a rotisserie and fresh carving station, as well as a made-to-order deli in addition with past food favorites, such as the omelet station.

At the D’Angelo Center, the deli station will be expanded and the Deli Express will be added to serve the on-the-go student.

Chef Yan Can Cook will soon be replaced with Native Spices and Sushi Do. Native Spices will still serve Asian cuisine along with weekly rotations of Latin, Indian and more international options.

The new “Sushi Do” will offer students freshly rolled up sushi by a certified sushi chef.

Freshens will also be moving from the D’Angelo Center and placed in Marillac hall. The menu has been expanded to include crepes, salads, smoothies and yogurt.

The Library Café will now feature more items than just Seattle’s Best Coffee, featuring gourmet beverage options including hot chocolate with caffeine, while continuing to serve bubble tea.

Along with the on-campus additions, Wafels & Dinges, a popular food truck with several locations around New York, will be back on select Mondays, weather permitting, following its success on campus last semester.

Looking to evolve the program each year, Bernadette Grogan Lavin, executive director of conference & auxiliary services, said that student participation is key when it comes down to the surveys that appear on St. John’s Central.

“We want the feedback,” she said. “We want to continue to serve the student body. It’s really the students striving the improvements.”