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    SerenitySep 20, 2012 at 6:26 am

    Here, here, Alex.Greek alumni are very conrecned that the administration may be returning to the Draconian ways of Roger Hull and U2K after a decade of repairing ties with Greek alumni. Fraternities and sororities are subject to the same rules and regulations as all other campus bodies, but they should also have the same rights as other students and not all be painted with the same brush. At the same time, Greek organizations need to bring academics and community service focus to at least the same level as social engagement. Alcohol has indeed become much more of a focus than it should be and it is also up to the Greek system to lead in social education. However, the administration should not let recent unfortunate events shape its opinion on the entire Greek system. All houses are not the same and those who have not been in violation of school policy should not be subject to the loss of their student rights as well. We do not understand why greeks are held to a higher standard than theme houses, but if that is the case, the IFC and Pan Hellenic need to reshape opinion. I promise you that greek alumni are looking very closely at Union’s response and its treatment of fraternities and sororities as a whole in the wake of this incident. As greek alumni ties have slowly been re-established, it would be a shame to have the Annual Fund affected by extreme measures brought against the Mother of Fraternities yet again.

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