Pharmacy Professor Recieves Grant to Study Parkinson’s

The University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences held a seminar on the possibility of treating and curing Parkinson’s Disease on Sept. 24. The seminar was entitled ““Parkinson’s Disease: Multiple approaches for a complex disorder.”

The presenter of the seminar was University professor Simon Geir Moller. Moller was granted a $900,000 grant from the Norwegian Research Council to fund his research of the disease.

Moller explained that with the grant, he hopes to prevent advanced stages of Parkinson’s in patients, by treating it in the early stages. Moller plans to use about $5,000 a month, which would include trying to figure out why neurons die and to design intervention approaches for those suffering with Parkinson’s.

Moller said he hopes to combine his own research along with clinical studies in the next five to ten years.