Pageant Winners ‘Laso’ in Scholarship Prize


Students competed for a $350 scholarship for the spring 2013 semester at the Latin American Student Organization’s first-ever International Scholarship Pageant on Nov. 29 in the Little Theater.

The pageant, titled “Nuestra Belleza” (“Our Beauty”), featured five female students from different Latin American countries.

The purpose of the pageant, according to Arille Leroy, President of L.A.S.O., was to highlight the diversity of the student body.

“We wanted to extend diversity thoughts to the pageant,” she said.

The pageant showcased cultural attire, a brief introduction of each contestant and her country, eveningwear and a brief Q&A portion, very similar to the format of a Miss America pageant.

The contestants in the pageant were Tatiana Leiva [representing Nicargua], Chantal Agyeman [Ghana], Lessandra Pena [Dominican Republic], Rachel Ortega [Dominican Republic] and Angelica Aroca [Ecuador, Puerto Rico and Ireland].

Each contestant was judged on poise, confidence, intellect and if they depicted the L.A.S.O. mission which, according to Leroy, entails diversity, culture and academic excellence.

The night began with a highlight video of the contestants preparing for the night of the pageant.

Afterwards, contestants danced for the audience, followed by presenting their cultural attire. The contestants were able to tell the audience about the history of their culture. The night then proceeded into the eveningwear part of the pageant.

During the Q&A session of the evening, contestants had the opportunity to tell the audience about their accomplishments.

In the end, Agyeman took home the prize of Miss Congeniality, Miss Photogenic went to Pena as well as winning second place overall. Aroca won third runner up and Rachel Ortega took home the grand prize.

“I feel great,” Ortega said after her win. “It inspires not only me but other girls to strive and succeed.”

Leroy said L.A.S.O has been trying to put on the pageant for a while and is looking forward to hosting the event in the future.

“We have been trying to have [the pageant] for two years,” Leroy said. “It was a great success and I’m excited to see the legacy is creates.”