SGI Presidential Candidate: Lizzy Sheehan, SGI Secretary

SGI Presidential Candidate: Lizzy Sheehan, SGI Secretary

Torch: Why do you want to run for Student Government, Inc President?

Lizzy Sheehan: Before I came to St. John’s, I ran for student council in high school so I know how important that is.
When I got my job in student engagement and got involved with Student Government for Relay for Life, I realized that’s really where you can be a vehicle to help all the other students. I was really enjoying the opportunities that were given to me and I really love St. John’s. I knew that was my chance to help every one else to enjoy it like I did.

T: How will your experience with SGI influence your potential presidency?

LS: I ran for the executive board position. I ran for sophomore senator and I ran for secretary. I absolutely love Student Government, so I’ve been in the executive board for the past two years. Having been part of the SGI board for the past years, we sit with Fr. Harrington and he genuinely wants to know what the students concerns are. And so I think it’s really important to have people in Student Government who are interested in students’ concerns and be willing able to bring it up to the administrators.

T: What are you hoping to accomplish?

LS: I think one of the most important things is to build upon what’s already there. I’ve noticed from year to year things tend to get lost because students are coming into these positions and some of them may not have the same experience as others. They don’t know all the ropes. The goal is always to go two steps forward without any back. I just hope SGI can live up to expectations and responsibility as the voice for all the students and someone who will provide all the resources to the organizations under SGI.

T: What do you want the student body to know about you or SGI?

LS: Well I want the student body to know that SGI is here for them. We have the avenues and the ability to make their experience so much better. I’m a sincere person, I’ve always been extremely committed to SGI. I’m willing to go to the extra mile for SGI because it’s my job and my responsibility.