Vasquez, Benavides head SAIL

Student leaders from in, and outside of, Student Government, Inc. are hoping it’s a smooth sail to victory in the SGI general elections.

Specific Action; Interactive Leadership (SAIL) consists of current SGI treasurer Elaine Vasquez (running for President), current co-chair of the Organizations Committee Mark Benavides (Vice-President), Ashley Stilson (Secretary), Robert Koehler (Treasurer), Sophia Markowska (Senior Senator), Carlos Alvarez (Junior Senator) and Justin Alick (Sophomore Senator).

In an interview with the Torch,  Vasquez and  Benavides discussed several initiatives to overhaul the structure of several aspects of SGI.

Both expressed the idea of changing the format of SGI floor meetings from a parliamentary procedure to a more congressional procedure.

Benavides and Vasquez also addressed the concern that some members of SGI were not attending floor meetings, and instead of threatening to punish those who don’t show up, they plan to incentivize them.

“We want to make being a part of SGI prestigious,” Benavides said, saying that some representatives feel they’re not getting enough from being a part of SGI, and said he hopes to change that.

Benavides and Vasquez also discussed plans to restructure how college representatives will work in conjunction with their constituents and the e-board of SGI.

Benavides said he hopes to make contact information  for  college   representatives more visible to students  by displaying the reperesentatives emails in the hallways of the colleges.

Benavides also said SAIL plans on restructuring how the college representatives fulfill their duties.

“Right now college reps have office hours and campus hours,” Benavides said, explaining that campus hours are the reps working to find out what are the concerns of the students in their respective colleges.

“We want to hear what [the students] are talking about and what their concerns are.”

SAIL also said they plan on making visibility in organizations easier by making contact information easily accessible through an SGI website.

“I don’t think people like going to the Central web site,” Benavides said.

“We want to make the SGI website the central point of info,” Vasquez said. “Everything in one central point.”

When asked about the budget, Vasquez, the current treasurer, said next year’s release would be easier for the e-board.

“The template is already created so all the next treasurer has to do is plug in the number,” Vasquez said. “The process will be a lot quicker.”

Vasquez and Benavides both said they were willing to release financial figures next year, if elected, in an effort to increase transparency in SGI and the student body.

When asked how they would plan in the case of a split ticket, Vasquez said she does not believe the tickets will be split and has full confidence every member will be voted to their respective positions.

“I believe all of us are going to make it,” she said. “Every person is overly qualified for their respective positions. I don’t believe we’re going to be split.”