Coolidge Apartments lease not renewed

Coolidge Apartments lease not renewed

The University is terminating its lease with the Coolidge apartments next semester, according to an e-mail sent out by the Director of Residence Life to resident students last month

The news came two weeks after the announcement of the University’s intent to sell the Manhattan campus.

“We have an adequate amount of housing options for all students interested in residing in University Housing on or near the Queens campus,” a University spokeswoman said in a statement.

Resident students were informed of the possible termination of the lease prior to the housing selection process for the Fall 2013 semester.

The e-mail sent out by the Director of Residence Life, Eric Finkelstein, cited that only 1% of residential beds were accounted for by the Coolidge apartments – a principal reason why the lease was terminated.

Students who were planning to live at Coolidge next semester will have earned the same amount of resident points needed to apply for housing in the Founder’s Village, Seton, Goethals, or Henley – leaving them with viable living options.

Graduate students affected by the lease’s termination are eligible for off campus properties and the DePaul Houses, according to the e-mail.