Around 3,000 students go to Spring Fling Carnival

As a part of the University’s Spring Week, the annual Spring Fling Carnival gathered around 3,000 students to celebrate before finals.

The Spring Fling Carnival is one of the most anticipated events of Spring Week and is organized by the Student Programming Board and the department of campus activities. Both student groups organize the carnival in order to give students a chance at leisure time before the rigors of upcoming examinations and essays.

“Spring Fling is a signature tradition at St. John’s. Students really look forward to this — it serves as a finale for the academic year,” Mary Pelkowski, assistant dean for student engagement, said in a statement online .

A total of over $100,000 was spent in this year’s spring carnival, according to University officials.

This year’s canrival consisted of six main ride attractions accompanied by interactive games and customized giveaways which students could win prizes.

“Our carnival is very large scheme,” Mary Rizzo, president of the Student Programming Board said.

“Many universities differ with their events and may not have a concert either and we do ours in the same day so I think St. John’s is definitely different in that respect.”

Rizzo said how their spring events such as the carnival has high attendance and varies from other universities because they incorporate the carnival before the concert.

Gemma Leggere, coordinator of student activities and Student Programming Board advisor said that the Spring Fling served as a time for students to unwind before finals and take advantage of the weather.

“The goal of spring fling is to bring the whole St John’s community together at the end of the semester to get people outside” she said.

“It’s like a celebration for the end of the year.”

Many students had a positive response to the carnival.

Senior Abraham Etuk explained how the carnival was a generous gift to the students.

“As far as I know, other colleges don’t do things like this for their students,” he said.

“It’s good to see that the university staff uses it funds to do something courteous for the students.”

Sophomore Kelsey Mcray, a transfer student, described how Spring Fling was not only distinctive to the University, but also encompassed a sense of community.

“At my old school we never had anything like this during our spring festival,” she said.

“This event is a great idea and it really gets everyone on campus together and involved.

Sophomore Julian Reefer explained how the attendance was so vast that it led to overwhelming lines.

“I waited in line for a snow cone and by the time I got it the carnival was closing,” he said.

“The lines could have been even longer if students didn’t have class.”


Gemma Leggere continued to say how the university organizations are already planning for next year’s Spring Fling Carnival with aims for improvement.

“It’s definitely one of the big signature events everyone looks forward and the end of the year,” she said.

“We just keep trying to make it bigger and better.”