Princeton Review ranks SJU students No. 17 ‘least happy’

The Princeton Review has spoken – and it says St. John’s students are unhappy.

The results for the annual school-ranking list, compiled by the organization using surveys of thousands of students from hundreds of colleges across the country, came out earlier this week and does not look favorably on the University.

Using the data they collected, the Review ranked colleges in 62 different categories ranging from, “Best College Dorms” to “Most Religious Students.”

Just 20 schools make each list. This year St. John’s appeared in four different categories.

No. 17 Least Happy Students
No. 19 Professors Get Low Marks
No. 12 Least Accessible Professors
No. 11 Students Study the Least


St. John’s responded to the rankings in a statement to the Torch on Wednesday.

“We are always mindful of the concerns of our 21,000-plus students,” Elizabeth Reilly, spokeswoman for the University, said. “And strive to provide the best academic environment possible.”

The Princeton Review has also named St. John’s a Best Northeastern College in the past.

A full story on the rankings and students’ responses will be available in the print edition of the Torch later this month. The full rankings can be viewed here after logging in.