Gempesaw: Importance of International Students

University President Gempesaw recently led a conference centered around the role international students play in America’s higher education.

The conference titled “The Role of the International Student,” sponsored by The New York Times took place on Sept. 9.  The topic of this year’s conference focused on changes in modern education, including the challenges and innovations that America’s educational system faces.

Gempesaw discussed the importance of including international students in order to broaden educational horizons.  A press release on the St. John’s website quoted Gempesaw as saying, “Interacting with international students on our campuses exposes domestic students to broader perspectives and views.”

The inclusion of STEM in American education is especially important because many immigrant students display strengths when it comes to those fields of study.  Another conference speaker, Dr. Eric Kaler, president of the University of Minnesota said, “Welcoming international students is about providing a world-class education.”