‘The Walking Dead’ actor Norman Reedus visits St. John’s

Anabelle Madho, Staff Writer

Norman Reedus, also known as Daryl Dixon to fans of the AMC television series, “The Walking Dead,” surprised St. John’s students on April 1, 2015.

Adjunct Professor Ozzie Alfonso suddenly left his Television Production One Class in Studio 422A in Marillac Hall.  Shortly after, Norman Reedus appeared and claimed to be their substitute teacher, according to junior Matt Chieco.  The class was in a state of shock.

“I didn’t really think it was him at first.  The class could not believe it and were just shocked the whole time. Beginning to end,” Chieco said.

The unforeseen visit to St. John’s University’s Television and Film Center was all a part of a campaign.  The campaign features five well-known celebrities crashing “five different classes in five different campuses around the country,” Alfonso said.

St. John’s University was chosen as one of those campuses.  Chevrolet sponsors this viral campaign, also known as #BestDayEver.  The campaign’s goal is to create buzz for the automobile company.

Once his camera crew got settled in the classroom, Norman Reedus began to tell his story.  He spoke about his journey throughout the television and film industry.  He reflected on the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned as he climbed up in the ranks of this industry.  The students were then allowed to ask questions.

Freshman Gabrielle Laurendine was one of these students.  She said Alfonso guided them to ask questions about, “how to get into it and what he’s learned so far.”

However, most students were particularly intrigued in Reedus’ life as Daryl Dixon. According to Alfonso, “All they wanted to know about was ‘The Walking Dead,’ which is to be understood.”

Following the conversation about the television and film occupation and the hit show, “The Walking Dead,” Reedus took photographs with the students, as well as with Professor Alfonso.  Some students even got autographs.

Laurendine summed up her shock in just a few words, “We had no idea.”

Hours after, word spread throughout campus.  Students by the dozens came looking for Daryl Dixon for autographs or even the slightest conversation with the celebrity himself.

It is evident that this delightful surprise will be remembered by students, as Chevy’s idea of the Best Day Ever!  It was in fact the #BestDayEver to Professor Alfonso’s 10:40 a.m. class and an experience St. John’s students will never forget.