Activities Fair aims to promote engagement and boost student interest

Amanda Umpierrez, News Editor

The annual Activities Fair is set to take place on Thursday, Sept. 10, with over 100 St. John’s organizations recruiting new members and promoting their clubs.

Nathonya Chery, a freshman early childhood education major, anticipates learning more about the different organizations around campus.

“I’m excited to find out about what actually [happens] on campus,” she said. “I feel like other than the red carpet welcome events, I have no idea what else to do.”

Freshman communications major Tatyana Samonte-Escano and freshman liberal arts major Gicem Osman agree.

“I’m looking forward to learning a lot of new information and what there is to do at St. John’s,” Osman said.

“It introduces you to new aspects of college,” Samonte-Escano said.

Besides meeting prospective new members, organizations use the fair to test and utilize recruiting strategies. President of Philippine Americans Reaching Everyone, Maria Marquez, noted the organization’s social media and in-person presence as a high-use in recruitment.

“We’re very aggressive with social media. We use all platforms, like Instagram, Twitter and such, and we’re really into face-to-face action,” she said.

Vice President of Student Programming Board and Secretary/Public Relations of St. John’s acapella group Shruti Catharine Mariampillai, revealed a distinct recruitment tactic that Shruti applies.

“We use business cards,” she said.

The fair incorporates cultural, academic or personal interest organizations to fit student pursuits and encourages the St. John’s community to become involved on campus aside from sole academics.

Mariampillai believes the Activities Fair can help students in highlighting their hobbies.

“College is really a time to see your interests besides your majors,” she said.

Marquez concurs and views the fair as a method to find one’s passion.

“It’s really exciting as a freshman,” she said. “You see all the different paths you can take and a slew of possibilities.

The fair will be held during common hour, 12:00 p.m. to 3:15 p.m, on the Great Lawn.