Student Financial Services now in Lourdes Hall

Philtrina Farquharson, Staff Writer

In August 2015, a $25 Million project began its renovations in Bent Hall, separating the Peter J. Tobin College of Business and the College of Professional Studies.

After 35 years of shared space, the project will bring about enhanced facilities including labs, seminar rooms and high-tech classrooms in St. Augustine Hall. Since Student Financial Services is located on the first floor of Bent Hall, they have been temporarily placed at Lourdes Hall on the ground floor.  Student Financial Services is scheduled to be there until August and once the construction is completed, they will return back to Bent Hall.

“The move from Bent Hall to Lourdes Hall puts us in a more convenient location for the students, as it is right next to the registrar and is one of the most active places on campus between Marillac and The D’Angelo Center,” said Financial Advisor Werner Habermann.

This temporary move will allow students to have easier access to main buildings on campus.

“I like that they have moved to an area closer to everything although it is temporary. Hopefully, the process will become more efficient, fast and effective for the students,” said sophomore Timara Stallworth.

The current location of Student Financial Services may be a bit smaller than the previous location but it still allows for students to successfully navigate to and from this location just as if it were in the old building.

Although the location has changed, the “Student Financial Services” sign posted in the old Bent Hall located still remains, and with the rush of the new semester students may be startled. Even those who are used to going to Bent Hall will have to adjust to a new environment.

The Bent Hall blueprint encompasses nearly 50,000 square feet allowing TCB to move into Bent Hall solely at the start of the fall 2016 semester.

“I think the temporary relocation is more suitable and provides a better atmosphere. It was weird navigating to Bent Hall,” said junior Dominique Gabriel.

While the College of Professional Studies remodeling will be complete this year, the Tobin College of Business is scheduled to finish in 2017.