St. John’s for Fair Trade to host screening of Dukale’s Dream

Suzanne Ciechalski, Editor-in-Chief

St. John’s for Fair Trade will be hosting a screening of “Dukale’s Dream” and a Q&A with the documentary’s director, Josh Rothstein, on Monday, April 11 during common hour. The event will be held in the D’Angelo Center in room 406.

“Through this event, we hope to raise awareness about how choosing Fair Trade products, we can help make an impact on global poverty and empower small farmers to make a living wage,” said senior Myra Kim.

“Dukale’s Dream,” which features actor Hugh Jackman, is a documentary that follows Jackman’s trip to Ethiopia, according to the film’s official website. While there he meets a coffee farmer named Dukale who enlightens him on the struggles faced by coffee farmers.

In a synopsis of the film, their website explains how the documentary shows how Jackman came to understand the ways in which fair trade affects both the environment, and the lives of farmers.

“Dukale’s Dream has potential to inspire audiences through the heart and mind. Our hope is that this film screening and discussion with director, Josh Rothstein, motivates the St. John’s community to become an officially designated Fair Trade campus, as other universities such as Depaul and Manhattan College have done,” said Dr. Sean Murray, the main coordinator for the event.
Kim, the Student Co-Chair of St. John’s for Fair Trade, also noted that by hosting this event, St. John’s would meet one of the requirements of Fair Trade Campaigns to become a Fair Trade designated university.


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