Lambda Pi Upsilon and L.A.S.O. team up to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month


Marybeth Gerdelmann, Contributing Writer

Lambda Pi Upsilon and the Latin American Student Organization (L.A.S.O) came together this year to celebrate the contributions that Hispanic and Latino Americans have made to our society today.

On Monday, Oct. 3 in the D’Angelo Center, students from both organizations collaborated to celebrate their annual event for Hispanic Heritage Month, which occurs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15.

A few hours full of delicious food and a dancing twist proved to be the perfect way to not only honor Latin American culture, but to also kick off a brand new school week at St. John’s.

Immediately following the quick lesson by Sophomore Maykel Eusebil and Junior Magdaline Hurtado on how to do an authentic slow or fast paced version of the popular Hispanic dance known as the bachata, the twenty students in attendance were eager to try the dance themselves.

Accompanied by lively music, students moved their hips to the rhythm of the songs and even participated in partner dances.

For students like freshman Kayla Guerra, dancing the bachata connects her to her Hispanic roots.

“Bachata can be passionate,” said Guerra. “Since I am of Spanish descent, being here felt like a home away from home.”

Although the art of dance plays an essential role in Hispanic and Latin American cultures, it would be a sin for the tasty food to be looked over.

For $5 students were also able to get a classic Hispanic and Latin American dinner of chicken, rice, and empanadas to satisfy their stomachs.

Senior Natasha Santana, the President of her chapter of Lambda Pi Upsilon stated that the goal of combining food and dance was because it is “typical of a Latin American home”.

For many members of Lambda Pi Upsilon and L.A.S.O., their culture is about much more than just food and dance.

“Events like these are important because it keeps our culture alive,” said L.A.S.O member Magdaline Hurtado. “It is important to bring Latin cultures to new cultures as we should be united as one.”